Even cynics, when pressed, will admit they want to live a meaningful life. Yet, most of us don't. And below the smiling façades and curated Instagram feeds, many people live lives of quiet desperation. 

We hear about it in hushed tones. And we see glimpses of shame when the façade drops. 

Like the successful entrepreneur we recently spoke to. He appeared to have everything. Successful business. A big house. A fancy car. Awards. Accolades. Everything society says you should want. Yet, he was unhappy, living without purpose.

He recently told us:

"I felt trapped. My business partner didn't have integrity. So, I went away for a weekend alone to think. And when I came back, I'd drawn some lines -- my must haves. First, I had to stop working with my partner."

In The Purpose Method, we would call that identifying your values. But more on that below.

What this great person had done, was get in touch with meaning -- the most important thing to us. 

Because at our depth, we want to know we're using our life energy well. We need meaning, just like we need food, shelter, and clothing.

In creating this course, we interviewed dozens of people and spoke informally to hundreds more. 

And we heard several descriptions for what it feels like to live without purpose. Do any of these sound familiar?

"I wasn't well, and I couldn't imagine living like that anymore."

"I saw the older guys in my office and they were all miserable and unhealthy. I didn't want that."

"I cried every morning on my commute."

"My family barely knew me."

"I wasn't giving my energy back to the world."

"I was working in a job just for the next pay bump. But I hated it."

"My accomplishments never felt like enough."

"I was on autopilot."

These people all identified that something wasn't right.

But the amazing thing about people is that when we realize something isn't right, we can change.

The question is how to change. And the answer is to change towards purpose. And to do that, you must identify and live your deepest values, so you can die without regret.

Life is short. And it's easy to die with regret. Simply: Do (and be) what others value instead of what you valuebe constantly distracted, pursue surface-level goals.

Or, you could get serious about your purpose... now.

But, most won't. Instead, they'll  drift aimlessly, working jobs they hate to buy things that don't bring lasting happiness.

They'll put their own values on the back-burner. They'll let themselves be distracted until their gravestone reads:

"Here lies a man/woman who DOMINATED at Farmville."

It sounds absurd, right? But if the gravestones of 2030 were being honest, many of them would say just that. 

What is Purpose, Anyways?

Many people struggle to grasp the concept of purpose, because it's not something you possess like a car or a home. Instead, it's a way of being. It manifests in our actions and thoughts. Which is why we define purpose as:

Living out your highest values every day.

It sounds simple, but don't let that fool you. Very few people can honestly say they're living their highest values daily. It comes down to one of two problems:

1. Not identifying values

2. Living others' values even after identifying one's own

Rarely do people identify their own values and live in perfect alignment with them. (Note: If you are such a person, you can stop reading now. You don't need The Purpose Method.)

And this problem is widespread. As one (super purposeful) friend told us, "Just look at what 95% of people are doing, and do the opposite."

In this case, the opposite means identifying your values and then following a plan for living them out.

There's also accountability, which is just a ten dollar word for surrounding yourself with other purposeful people, but more on that below.

None of this is shocking, is it?

We never learn this stuff. It's not taught in school. If we have any values training at all, it's for the societal values. Nobody teaches us how to identify our own values and then develop a plan to live them out.

Until now, of course.

The Birth of a Solution

We spent years searching for this solution for ourselves before eventually creating this training. You see, we've had the following experiences:

We've chased shallow achievement

We've 'had it all' on the surface

We've lacked joy in our work

We've been unhappy in relationships

We've lived for others' values

We realized there was a problem

And most importantly, like you, we decided to do something about it.

Because when you know your life lacks meaning you can't ignore it. It's like the existential version of a ruptured appendix. It bloody well hurts and if you don't do something about it RIGHT NOW it will only get worse.

But, you might have noticed the same problem we did:

There are no solutions that offer a thorough, step-by-step methodology for living with purpose.

We found plenty of piecemeal solutions and feel-good tips. But until now, there's never been a consistent, coherent, and comprehensive PLAN for helping you identify and live a life of purpose.

This is a problem because without such a plan, we inevitably lose our way. "Purpose is important," we say, but life gets in the way. We set out with guns blazing, but then we hit roadblocks.

The world is full of tricks and 'hacks.' One program promises to make you rich. Another to improve your relationships. Another yet, guarantees fitness. There are programs for sexual gratification, spiritual enlightenment, and, well anything else at all...

How do we know this? Because we've personally chased this roller coaster. We know what it's like to 'solve' a problem only to realize it was a symptom.

But, like you, we finally realized it was time to go direct to the source.

We know what you're thinking:

"That all SOUNDS great. But how do you deliver on a promise like this? How does The Purpose Method actually work?"

This is one of our favorite questions, because we've given this a lot of thought. But more importantly, we've tested it in the real world. The Purpose Method has been delivered to about 100 people already, and with every new graduate, our case study grows. 

Through all this testing and tweaking, we've developed a system for committed and growth-oriented people to develop and live their purpose. It starts with your commitment. And, since you're still reading, we're going to assume you're committed.

But the feeling of commitment can fade fast without the rest of the method. It's incredibly easy to go off track. In fact, asking for your commitment and getting excited for change is probably something you've experienced before.

 But it's not enough to create lasting transformation. This is why we guide you through the building of a proven and thorough plan to ensure you stay on track.

The Steps to Purpose

The Purpose Method training will walk you through these proven steps

  • Step #1: Identify Your Values

    Most people never identify their deepest values, let alone live them. In The Purpose Method, we'll provide you with a system to identify, measure, and track your values. This shines a spotlight on where you need to focus your life energy.

  • Step #2: Envision Your Purpose

    Using our guided questions and writing exercises, you'll use your unique ability to foresee a better life. You'll put your mind in a creative space and imagine the possibilities. You'll discover what life could look and feel like with purpose. With this compelling vision in place, you'll move onto the more practical steps of the process.

  • Step #3: Test Your Purpose

    Just as with a great business idea, you need to validate your purpose before attempting to live it. That's why we've created a powerful deathbed process where you look at your life from the end and imagine that you've lived it as planned. If it's strong enough you will move into the planning phases of the purpose method. If not, you will update and tweak your stated purpose.

  • Step #4: Aim Your Sights

    The problem with most goals is that they aren't based on your deep values. But value-based goals are healthy, external measures. We'll provide you with a simple but effective goal setting framework that ensures you act towards your deepest values. Goals are vital signposts along the way, but they're too big to guide daily action. We'll show you how to break each goal into bite-sized objectives that ensure your activities are aimed at your deepest values.

  • Step #5: Determine Your Investment

    Whatever life you're currently living has come at a cost. In much the same way, the life of purpose you're choosing will also come at a cost. This is where so many fail. Because, unless you're willing to invest in your purpose, it'll be nothing more than a grandiose dream.

  • Step #6: Plan Your Updates

    By the end of The Purpose Method, your entire purpose plan will be in place. But then life will punch you in the face... repeatedly. This is why we'll prepare you with a method and schedule to update and recommit to your purpose.

Follow the Proven Steps to Identify and Live Your Purpose

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Create Your Own Purpose Constitution

Imagine having a set of documents to guide your biggest decisions

 The Purpose Method is a series of steps (a method) that anyone use to live by their deepest values. But we forgive you if you're skeptical.

We've all gotten excited about change only to lose our way. Well, we've thought of this in advance and tested a solution.

This is why The Purpose Method guides you through the creation of an actual, physical document that you'll use as a guide for the rest of your life. 

It's called The Purpose Constitution™

Just as the greatest nations on Earth rely on a constitution to guide them, you'll do the same. You'll create a series of guiding documents based on doing what's right, not on your temporary whims and desires. 

You don't want to make decisions based on your shifting, moment-by-moment thoughts, needs, and desires.

Your Purpose Constitutionstays with you as a reminder to act as your best self.

 Whenever you have a dilemma or decision to make, you'll refer back to your Purpose Constitution. This ensures you make decisions based on your deepest values.

Be the Founder of Your Own Purpose Constitution

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The Purpose Constitution: A Set of Guiding Documents

  • 1. Values' Ledger

    The Values' Ledger is a key part of The Purpose Constitution that will allow you to measure and track where you stand in relation to your deepest values. No more fooling yourself or straying off track. You'll always know where to place your attention.

  • 2. Purpose Declaration

    Using our powerful questions, your best self will envision the future. Then, you'll declare your purpose. This compelling vision will be your personal reminder of what's possible. This is your own version of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

  • 3. Investment Prospectus

    Whatever life you're living has come at a cost. Creating your life based on purpose will also come at a cost. It's easy to get excited by a new life, but unless you're willing to invest in your purpose, it will be nothing more than a grandiose dream.

  • 4. Valued Targets

    With the big picture work work complete, now we undertake the work to actually make it real. Setting targets based on your values keeps you focused on what actually matters daily. Achieving value based goals doesn't leave you feeling unfulfilled.

  • 5. Purpose Objectives

    Next, you'll next break your goals into bite-sized objectives. This is a constantly updating set of tasks in alignment with your best self. What would it feel like to know that even mundane tasks are in service of your best self? There's no wasted time when acting on values.

  • 6. Amendment Map

    You will grow, change, shift, and achieve goals. As you do so, your life purpose will change with you. Following an expired purpose is unfulfilling. This is why The Purpose Constitution comes built-in with scheduled time and a method for amending.

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    Every video walks you through one part of The Purpose Method. After watching some short videos, you will understand what your next assignment is, how to do it, and why you're doing it. Every video less